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What we do

Redd Tile’s core business is the supply of high quality Wall & Floor tiles and related accessories to individuals and businesses alike. Our innovative portfolio is built around our unique offerings, catering for the varying needs of the individual; hence we assist in developing a layout and design, which compliments the clients’ lifestyle, taste and values.

Our range of wall and floor tiles includes, but not limited to, ceramics, porcelain, sandstone, slate, quarry, vitrified ceramics, travertine & marble tiles. A high quality and fashionable range of mosaic tiles enables our clients to turn any space into a masterpiece of artistic design. We specialise in customised wall & floor décor pieces as well as corporate branding. In keeping with being a flooring specialist, we also supply rubber & vinyl flooring, wooden & vinyl laminates, cement screeds & stains, and epoxy coatings.

Professional services include:

  1. 1) Supply only (National & international)
  2. 2) Supply and installation (Local Region Only)
  3. 3) Specifications for commercial applications.
  4. 4) Free expert advice and technical support.
  5. 5) Layout and design.